Auburn tournament

Auburn is May 18 to May 20. I have 6 rooms at Opelika and 6 at the Quality Inn.  If you would like a room, call or text me at 256.508.7432

One Room at Quality Inn.     Herb, Goat, and Denny

One Room  at Quality Inn     ]ames,Bubba,Dudley,Rags.

One Room at Quality Inn      Ellis

One Room  at Quality  Inn    Eddie

One Room at Quality  Inn      Joe

One Room at Quality Inn       Dowell

I have more rooms in Opelika  in anyone needs additional rooms.

Pensacola update.

TAG Softball had a tough weekend.  We lost four very tough games.

Bubba led us in hitting with an on base average of .818

Dave 800,  Joe .769 and James Beard hit 727.



Teams registered:


Columbus LXV

The Firm


I will let you know as soon as possible if we are playing any bracket games on Thursday.

Rooms for Pensacola.

Wednesday and Thursday $62 + tax

Friday 92 + tax and fees.

Ellis .                      Thursday . Friday

Bubba, Rags, James, Dudley Wed, Thur,  Fri

Denny  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Walter,                      Thursday and Friday

Rich,  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Dave, Goat, Wednesday Thursday and Friday

TAG SOFTBALL wins Valley!!!!!

Somebody left a pair of black sweat pants in our dugout.

TAG SOFTBALL wins Valley!!!!!

Great weekend against the toughest competition we faced this year. A great performance by everyone.

Robert Rook led the team in hitting, .947 (18 for 19) and was clearly our MVP.

He only made one out all week. Great job at the plate as well as in the field.

Denny Reasner hit .875 (14 for 16).

Walt Farris hit .714, played a great second base and was All tournament.

Rich D’Angelo hit .706, was outstanding  at short and was All tournament.

James  Beard hit .692 and made some great catches in right field and was All tournament.

Ellis Mayfield  made a few unbelievable  catches in right center and was All tournament.

Dudley  Cook did a great job of pitching, was 7 for 9 in bracket play and was All tournament.

The rest of the team played well for the weekend  and contributed   to the win.

Results: Opponent TAG
RPR 16 15
Grace Redeemed 8 12
RPR 28 31
Columbus LXV 20 22
Columbus LXV 18 19

Valdosta Summary

TAG Softball played well but lost some very close games.

Columbus LXV1918
AMR 2522
Cardiac Kids 1910
RPR 2019

Dave Foster was All Tournament. He was 17 for 19 for an on base average of .895.

Herbie was All Tournament and was 13 for 16 for an on base average of .813.  Welcome back Herbie.

Rags was 13 for 16 for an on base average of .813 with to key home runs.

Walt did a great job at short and also came on in relief pitching. He also was 12 for 15 for an on base average of .800.

Joe Parton was 12 for 16 for an on base average of .750.

Myrtle Beach Tournament

We played well at times and other times we didn’t do so well.

The highlight of the tournament was Dowell Bales performance at the plate.

He went 16 for 16 with a crushing hit down the first base line that he beat out for his 16th hit.

Our other standout hitting came from Dave Foster who was 12 for 15,  an on base average of .800

and no stranger to being one of our top hitters Robert Rook who was 12 for 16  an on base average of .750.

Rags was the only one to put it over the 325 fence.

It was great to see Herbie back and he hit one on the warning track at the 325 foot fence (I think he is back).

The scores were:

Pool play:


Pill and Pill            9                 16

CH Engineering  15                 10

Bracket play:

Steel Creek         17                28

Hamel                  19                 7

Jersey Masters    29              15

Suggested schedule for the 2018 year

March. 15 – 17 Myrtle Beach

April. 6 – 8 Valdosta

April 19-20 Valley

May 3-5 Pensacola

May 18-20 Auburn

June 8-10 Knoxville (Marysville)

June 21-23 Marietta

JULY 13-15 Johnson City

July 26-28 Cullman

July 31- 02 Valdosta

Aug 2-4 Cartersville

Aug 17-19 Ooltewah (Chattanooga)

Sept 7-9 Dalton

Oct 5-7 Huntsville

Oct 12-14 Pensacola

This is a tentative schedule for 2018. We will be voting on this at our meeting in February 2018.